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Get your art in KP

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If you're interested in contributing card art, or a mat you've made, we'd love to see it! There are just a few rules we have to have to keep things legal and safe.

Card art must be ORIGINAL WORK. We cannot use art that is based on other copyrighted works. This means using stock photos or anything related in backgrounds, use of other people's characters or specific settings, or anything else related. You can't even trace or redraw things directly! It needs to be your OWN WORK, not a copy, even if you don't use their images directly. If you have any questions come ask us! If you talk to us (Mikara, Kafan, Bell) on our chats, we can help you doublecheck to make sure what you're thinking of is ok.

In order to accept card art, we need to see your in-process works along with it, that means raw sketches, etc. We basically just need some way to tell for sure that it's yours, so we don't get in trouble later.

Our requirements for Mats are slightly less strict. We can't take infringing images, copies, or derivative works, still, normally, but we CAN take your image if you can show us that everything is your own work OR is from a stock art website or such which permits our use of it. (We can't take your word for it, we need to see the source, and the license.) Just give us links to the originals and such so we can check it out.

Beyond copyright concerns, we have a lot more freedom, but please do remember that this is a card game for all ages, and younger player WILL see your art. We can't take anything that's to offensive or unseemly, and reserve the right to reject any submissions for ANY reason. We'd love to have your art, but it has to fit with the game.

And as for the final technicalities: To submit art, you can bring it to us on our chats and talk to Mikara or Kafan, or if this is difficult for you due to scheduling or other concerns, feel free to private message Mikara on our forums any time. The only final technicality is this: By giving us art to use, you give Kirricorp and the Chaos Fractal team full unlimited, irrevocable rights to use it however we see fit. (The point is to bring the game to life! We can't worry about exact licensing every step of the way.)

So lets get your art in KP and your name on our Gallery page!

Good luck, and we hope to see your art proudly on display soon in KP.

-- The Chaos Fractal Team.

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