How to change card artworks in KP!

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How to change card artworks in KP!

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Here is an easy way for changing the card artworks.

Download the artwork. There are several sites from where you can get the imgs. I am using duelmasterswiki

Search the wiki and open up its gallery(Some cards may not hv a gallery). Select ur desired img and download. As a quick reference, take for example Terradragon Zalberg. ... %2FGallery

Download the desired img and name it as Terradragon Zalberg and overwrite the existing img of Terradragon Zalberg found in set 0. in the KP folder found here "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.kp\images"

Here you will find all the imgs of kp. You can change artworks for any card you want. If u don't know which set they are in just go to KP. Open up "Card Search" and click on the desired card. It will show which set it belongs to.

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Re: How to change card artworks in KP!

Post by Nerafim »

I never liked that second art of Zalberg. The first one still looks better, and Fortress even more so than that ;p.

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