FAQ On Vibra (In complete)

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FAQ On Vibra (In complete)

Post by Zeitgeist »

creature: Vibra
Race: Grand Serpent
Quadrant: Dominion
Element: Gravity
Cost: 2
power: 1000
Set: 1
Effect: "Instead of attacking, you may exhaust this creature. Then choose one of your opponent's creatures with power equal to or less than this creature's power and destroy it."

1.) If my opponent has "Artis Forte" in the conflict, still if i use the "Tap Ability" => (Instead of attacking, you may exhaust this creature) can i destroy any 1 of my opponent's reatures?
Ans. No, As soon as Vibra gets exhausted to execute his effect Artis's ability makes his power 0 so it dies.

2.) If i use the "Tap Ability" of Vibra, can opponent use "[Responcer]" to cast a creature of spell?
Ans. No, [Responcer] is an ability which can only be activated if we attack creature or grid and for the "tap ability" its written "Instead of attacking..."

3.) If the power level of Vibra be raised by any means, can it be still kill creatures "Archaic Rumble" by its tap ability?
Ans. No, its specifically written on Archaic Rumble ability that "This creature can't be chosen." In Vibra's ability we need to chose to destroy it.

4.) If say there exists a creature which has leadership over "grand Serpent" Race, and if i use its "[Leader]" ability and exhaust Vibra instead of attack, can we still use its Tap ability?
Ans. No, The exhausting due to leader ability is very much different from exhausting to use its own ability.

Will complete it later... please check and see if i have made any mistakes so far.. also some hints in this topic will be greatly help me...
too sleepy today.. will add more tomorrow... :)

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Re: FAQ On Vibra (In complete)

Post by Gohar »

"can it be still kill creatures" correct this to " can it then kill creatures"

Also by increasing Vibra's power, stronger creatures can be destroyed

Great work by the ways
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