Skyhunter Elisia FAQ

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Skyhunter Elisia FAQ

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Name: Skyhunter Elisia
Type: Creature
Race: Griffon
Quadrant: Regency
Element: Lightning
Cost: 4
Power: 2000
Effect: This creature gets +3000 power for each exhausted creature your opponent has in the conflict.
Set: Advent of Chaos (CF-01)
Flavor Text: not yet available

Rulings: none so far.

This is a creature. When it enters the Conflict, the tempo required for it is equal to the written cost minus the number of creatures (ONLY creatures) on your side of the Conflict that share an Element with it.
Since it is a creature, it has the effect of reducing the tempo requirement of any card from the same Element by 1 (bear in mind that the cost of cards can't be reduced below the minimum cost of 2).

Q1) If my opponent only has ready creatures in the Conflict and he attacks my Elisia with a creature, will Elisia get the +3000 power during the battle?
A) Yes. Elisia will power up before the battle.
An attacker exhausts and then battles with its selected target. However, Elisia powers up as soon as an opponent’s creature is exhausted, so before the battle.

Q2) If I attack with Elisia and the opponent blocks, will Elisia have the +3000 power for the exhausted blocker during the battle?
A) Yes, Elisia will get +3000 power before the battle, because the blocker is exhausted to stop the attack and then it battles the blocked creature.

Q3) My opponent attacks with Shockwave Mako while I have Elisia in the Conflict. Can my opponent use Mako’s effect to return Elisia to my hand, or will Elisia get +3000 power before Mako’s effect can target her?
A) Elisia will increase its power as soon as Mako exhausts to attack something, before Mako can target her with its effect.

Q4) The opponent attacks my Skyhunter Elisia with a 6000 power creature. Can I cast Responcer Quickfire Sedative to exhaust one of my opponent’s creatures (or a Responcer Lunar Projection to summon Shinanigan), making Elisia gain +3000 power for the battle?
A) Yes.
Quickfire Sedative’s effect resolves before the battle is decided, increasing Elisia’s power. The same is true for the effect of the Shinanigan summoned by Lunar Projection.

Q5) My opponent has 2 exhausted creatures in the Conflict, for example 2 Cunning Wyverns. If I attack one of them with Elisia and my opponent casts a Responcer Jumpstart to ready one of them, does that mean Elisia will only have 5000 power during the battle instead of 8000, or is the power lost only after the battle resolves?
A) The Responcer Jumpstart will ready the creature before the battle resolves, making Elisia lose the extra 3000 power it had due to that creature being exhausted. Because of this, Elisia will only have 5000 power during the battle.

Q6) I have Somnia Pollyn and Skyhunter Elisia in the Conflict and the opponent has an exhausted creature. If I attack it with Elisia and my opponent decides to summon a Responcer creature, will Somnia’s effect exhaust that creature (thus powering up Elisia) before or after Elisia battles?
A) The Responcer creature is summoned before the battle resolves and Somnia's continuous effect exhausts it immediately, powering up Elisia for the battle.

Q7) If I have Somnia Pollyn and Skyhunter Elisia in Conflict and the opponent summons Snipe Rammar, does Snipe get exhausted and power up Elisia before or after it activates its effect?
A) Elisia powers up before Snipe’s effect.
When Snipe Rammar is summoned, it gets exhausted by Somnia’s continuous effect, before Snipe’s effect can take place. This will power up Elisia such that the opponent would need to [Consume 2] to target Elisia with it.

Q8) I have Scarlet Tresses and Skyhunter Elisia in the Conflict and I’m attacking my opponent’s Grid with Elisia. Can my opponent use a Responcer Falcon Strike to destroy Elisia before I exhaust one of my opponent’s creatures due to Scarlet’s effect (thus powering up Elisia)?
A) No, the creature is exhausted before Falcon Strike can be casted.
Both Scarlet ‘s effect and the casting of the Responcer card would place at the same time, when the Grid is broken. But because Scalet Tresses’ effect takes place in its player’s turn, it gets priority over the Responcer. That way, an opposing creature is exhausted and Elisia receives +3000 power before Falcon Strike can be casted to destroy it.

Q9) Assume Scarlet Tresses and Elisia are on my side of the Conflict and 2 Artis Forte are on my opponent’s side. Can I attack the Grid with Elisia and exhaust a creature with Scarlet’s effect to power up Elisia and avoid its destruction due to power loss?
A) No. Elisia would be destroyed by power loss as soon as it attacked, without damaging the Grid.
Artis Forte’s effect is continuous so it will affect Elisia as soon as it exhausts to make an attack, before the Grid can be damaged to activate Scarlet’s effect. With 2 Artis Forte, Elisia will get to 0 power and will be destroyed.

Q10) I have Shine Missile and Skyhunter Elisia in the Conflict and my opponent summons Sables Duress. Can I save my Elisia from destruction by exhausting a creature with the Shine Missile that was just destroyed by Sables?
A) Yes, you can!
Similar to how an Usoku Yak can save a creature destroyed at the same time as it, you can save Elisia by exhausting one of your opponent’s creatures with Shine’s on-destruction effect, making Elisia gain +3000 power.

Q11) I cast Ion Storm on Skyhunter Elisia to exhaust some of my opponent’s creatures. Can I make use of the power Elisia gained this way to exhaust more creatures afterward?
A) No.
First you choose Elisia to exhaust it. Then you select some of your opponent’s creatures that have a total power equal to or less than the power Elisia had when you chose it. When you’ve selected and exhausted those creatures the spell’s effect has resolved, so you cannot make use of the extra power Elisia gained after the creatures were exhausted.

Q12) My opponent’s creatures are exhausted and I cast Streak Lightning on Elisia. In this case, when Elisia defeats a creature, do I subtract both the defeated creature’s power as well as the +3000 power boost from that creature being exhausted?
A) No, not quite.
The power lost due to Streak Lightning’s effect is specifically subtracted from temporary power bonuses first. In the case of Skyhunter Elisia, this means that when it defeats an exhausted creature, the defeated creature's power is first substracted from the temporary +3000 bonus Elisia had for that exhausted creature. After that, what remains is removed from the rest of Elisia's power.
For example, if Elisia battles an exhausted 4000 power creature and wins, 3000 power is removed from the +3000 bonus that goes away when the exhausted creature leaves the Conflict. The other 1000 is then substracted from the remainder of Elisia's power.
That also implies that Elisia could battle any number of creatures with 3000 power or less without being destroyed by the power loss, because every time it won a battle the power would be subtracted from the +3000 bonus received for that exhausted creature.
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