Mesmera Cobra FAQ

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Mesmera Cobra FAQ

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Name: Mesmera Cobra
Type: Creature
Race: Grand Serpent
Quadrant: Dominion
Element: Gravity
Cost: 3
Power: 3000
Effect: Once per turn, during your Deploy phase, you may [Deplete 1]. If you do, choose one of your opponent's creatures in the conflict. That creature gets 'This creature must attack if it can' until the start of your next turn.
Set: Bindings of Honor (CF-03)
Flavor Text: not yet available

Rulings: none so far.

This is a creature. When it enters the Conflict, the tempo required for it is equal to the written cost minus the number of creatures (ONLY creatures) on your side of the Conflict that share an Element with it.
Since it is a creature, it has the effect of reducing the tempo requirement of any card from the same Element by 1 (bear in mind that the cost of cards can't be reduced below the minimum cost of 2).

Q1) If Mesmera Cobra activates its effect on a creature that can't attack, will that creature be able to attack and be forced to do so?
A) No. Mesmera Cobra's effect specifies that creatures must attack only if they are able to. However, that does mean that if a creature gains the ability to attack while being a target of Mesmera Cobra's ability (via Jumpstart, for example), that creature will have to attack. That also means that if a creature loses the ability to attack (like a creature targeted by Flash Freeze), it is no longer affected by Mesmera's ability.

Q2) If my Mesmera Cobra is removed from the Conflict while a creature is affected by its ability, does that creature still have to attack?
A) Yes. Mesmera's effect does not mention that Mesmera itself needs to remain in the Conflict, only that the effect lasts until the start of your next turn.

Q3) Does a creature affected by Mesmera still have to attack if after the first attack, it has been readied by another card (like Full Sail or Teiton)?
A) Yes. As long as the creature targeted by Mesmera's effect is still able to attack, it must attack, no matter how many times.

Q4) If I choose my opponent's Red Seeker with Mesmera's ability, can Red Seeker still exhaust to use its effect?
A) No. Red Seeker's effect is activated by exhausting instead of attacking, but it must attack due to Mesmera's effect, so it can no longer use its effect. The same applies to all creatures that have an effect activated by exhausting instead of attacking.
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