Snipe Rammar FAQ

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Snipe Rammar FAQ

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Name: Snipe Rammar
Type: Creature
Race: Shark
Quadrant: Dynasty
Element: Water
Cost: 4
Power: 2000
Effect: When this creature enters the conflict, you may choose a creature in the conflict and return it to its owner's hand. If that creature's power is more than this creature's power, [Consume 2].
Set: Advent of Chaos (CF-01)
Flavor Text: not yet available

Rulings: none so far.

This is a creature. When it enters the Conflict, the tempo required for it is equal to the written cost minus the number of creatures (ONLY creatures) on your side of the Conflict that share an Element with it.
Since it is a creature, it has the effect of reducing the tempo requirement of any card from the same Element by 1 (bear in mind that the cost of cards can't be reduced below the minimum cost of 2).

Q1) Can Snipe Rammar return one of my own creatures (including itself) to hand?
A) Yes. No restriction involving the creature's owner is specified.

Q2) If I have Morning Glory and multiple Sharks in the Conflict when I summon Snipe Rammar, can I use Snipe Rammar's effect with the increase in power given by Morning Glory?
A) Yes, the power boost given by Morning Glory will allow Snipe Rammar to target creatures of higher power than it normally could, without having to [Consume 2]. This is because Morning Glory has a continuous effect, which will power up Snipe Rammar before Snipe's own effect can take place.

Q3) If I cast Fair Wind and then summon Snipe Rammar, will the increase in power apply for Snipe Rammar's effect? What if my opponent casted Fair Wind in his turn and I summon Snipe Rammar in my following turn?
A) Yes, the increase in power applies to Snipe Rammar's effect. Fair Wind not only boosts the power of creatures that are in the Conflict at the moment of casting but also the power of creatures being summoned afterwards. So upon entering the Conflict, Snipe will have increased power to make use of with its effect. The same way, if your opponent casted Fair Wind in his turn and you summon Snipe in your next turn, Snipe will have +2000 power to make use of with its effect.
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