Shockwave Mako FAQ

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Shockwave Mako FAQ

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Name: Shockwave Mako
Type: Creature
Race: Shark
Quadrant: Dynasty
Element: Water
Cost: 3
Power: 3000
Effect: When this creature attacks you may [Deplete 2]. If you do, choose a creature in the conflict with less power than this creature and return it to its owner's hand. (Return the creature before your opponent can block with it or any battle occurs).
Set: Advent of Chaos (CF-01)
Flavor Text: not yet available

Rulings: none so far.

This is a creature. When it enters the Conflict, the tempo required for it is equal to the written cost minus the number of creatures (ONLY creatures) on your side of the Conflict that share an Element with it.
Since it is a creature, it has the effect of reducing the tempo requirement of any card from the same Element by 1 (bear in mind that the cost of cards can't be reduced below the minimum cost of 2).

Q1) Can I use Shockwave Mako's effect to return one of my own creatures to hand?
A) Yes, of course. There is no mention in Mako's effect that it must target only the opponent's creatures.

Q2) If I activate the effect of Ambuscadara on Shockwave Mako, giving it the ability to destroy an exhausted creature when it attacks, how does that interfere with Mako's original effect?
A) Mako's own effect and the one given to it by Ambuscadara are both yours and both would take place at the "same" time. In such a case, it is up to you to decide the order in which they take place when Mako attacks.

Q3) If I cast Full Sail on Shockwave Mako and then I attack with Mako, can I use its effect both times it attacks?
A) Yes, you can. The effect can be used whenever Mako attacks. The required cost for the effect must still be payed on every activation.

Q4) If I increase the power of Shockwave Mako (with Flash Ignition for example), can I use Mako's effect according to the increased power?
A) Yes. The power Mako has when it attacks is the power used for its effect.

Q5) If Artis Forte is present on my opponent's side of the Conflict and I attack with Shockwave Mako and use its effect, will the power drop apply for Mako's effect as well?
A) Yes. What happens is that Mako exhausts for the attack and THEN activates its effect. Artis Forte reduces the power of any exhausted creature. So Mako will only be able to target creatures that have 1000 less power than it would have been able to target if Artis wasn't present.

Q6) What happens if Shockwave Mako attacks a creature with less power than it and also targets that creature for its effect?
A) Mako will exhaust to select a creature for attack. Mako's effect occurs "when this creature attacks", meaning it takes place before any battle occurs. So what happens is that the creature gets returned to the owner's hand and no battle happens. But Shockwave Mako still has to be exhausted, since it did attack.

Q7) If I attack a creature with Shockwave Mako and use its effect on a target, can the opponent use [Responcer] Rival Spark to power up the target creature enough to no longer be a valid effect target?
A) No. Mako's effect takes place "when this creature attacks", as in before the battle takes place or the grid is damaged, so it takes place before any [Responcer] can be used.

Q8) If I attack Gemini Lancer with my Shockwave Mako, can I use Mako's effect on Gemini Lancer or will I be unable to due to Gemini Lancer's powerup ability?
A) You can return Gemini Lancer to hand. Gemini Lancer only increases its power during battle. When Mako's effect occurs the battle hasn't taken place yet.

Q9) If I attack Tortuga Rumble with Shockwave Mako, can I use Mako's effect on Tortuga Rumble to return it to hand?
A) Yes. Mako's effect takes place "when this creature attacks", and Tortuga Rumble's effect occurs "when this creature is attacked". When multiple effects would take place at the "same" time, those that belong to the player whose turn currently is take precedence. So since it is your turn, Mako's effect occurs before Tortuga's, so Tortuga is returned to hand.
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