Black Tail Beluga FAQ

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Black Tail Beluga FAQ

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Name: Black Tail Beluga
Type: Creature
Race: Whale
Quadrant: Dynasty
Element: Water
Cost: 5
Power: 6000
Effect: [Blocker]
This creature can't attack players.
When this creature blocks, look at the top four cards of your deck. Put one of them into your hand and put the others back on the top of your deck in any order.
Set: Secrets Of Vrystales (CF-02)
Flavor Text: not yet available

Rulings: none yet.

This is a creature. When it enters the Conflict, the tempo required for it is equal to the written cost minus the number of creatures (ONLY creatures) on your side of the Conflict that share an Element with it.
Since it is a creature, it has the effect of reducing the tempo requirement of any card from the same Element by 1 (bear in mind that the cost of cards can't be reduced below the minimum cost of 2).
This creature is a [Blocker]. If it is Ready, it can be exhausted in order to stop an attack. Then, the [Blocker] and the attacking creature battle.

Q1) If I block with Black Tail Beluga an attack from a creature that has the effect of Antebellum Matrix activated on it, will Beluga's effect activate?
A) Yes, since Beluga's effect takes place when it blocks. Antebellum Matrix states that "Whenever this creature is blocked no battle happens". So blocking still occurs, therefore Beluga's effect activates.

Q2) If I block with Black Tail Beluga and the card I draw with its effect is a [Responcer], can I activate it as [Responcer] on the attack that was blocked by Beluga?
A) Yes, since [Responcer] effects are activated when the battle takes place. Beluga's effect occurs when it blocks, but before any actual battle. The [Responcer] will be in hand to be activated on that very battle.

Q3) If I block the attack of a stronger creature (or a [Toxic] creature) with Black Tail Beluga and the card I draw with Beluga's effect is Ice Doppel (or Foam Shield), can I use its [Responcer] to prevent the destruction of Beluga?
A) Yes, as stated above, a drawn [Responcer] can be activated when Beluga battles. As such, Beluga would remain in the conflict after the battle due to Ice Doppel's effect (or be put in hand due to Foam Shield).
Similarily, if the opponent had casted Razor Icycle and Beluga blocked that turn, an Ice Doppel (or Foam Shield) drawn by its effect and casted as a [Responcer] would prevent Beluga's destruction.

Q4) If I block with Beluga and the card drawn by its effect is Violent Stampede, can I use Stampede's effect to power up Beluga for the battle?
A) Yes, since again, a drawn [Responcer] can activate on the attack Beluga blocked, Violent Stampede can be casted that way as well. So it can power up Beluga for the battle.

Q5) If I block with Black Tail Beluga and I draw Call To Arms with its effect, can I activate the [Responcer] of Call To Arms to put a [Responcer] creature in hand and activate that one as well, due to the same attack that Beluga blocked (provided I have enough tempo) ?
A) Yes, because on any attack, any amount of [Responcer] effects can be activated one after the other, provided there is enough tempo to pay their costs.

Q6) If I block with Black Tail Beluga and I draw Impel End, Heat Fissure or Air Cannon by its effect, can I cast the spell as a [Responcer] and remove the attacking creature before any battle with Beluga occurs?
A) No. [Responcer] effects are activated when a battle takes place (or Grid is damaged). So the battle has to take place before anything can be removed from the Conflict. As such, creatures will only be removed from the Conflict after the battle.

Q8) If I block with Black Tail Beluga and I draw Lunar Projection, and I choose to activate it as a [Responcer] to put Sentient Gorge in the Conflict, can I target and destroy Beluga before its battle with the blocked creature occurs? Or if the attacker is the only creature my opponent has, will it be destroyed before the battle?
A) No, to both questions. As stated above, no responcer based effect can remove a creature from the Conflict before it battles. Activating [Responcer] Lunar Projection to put Gorge in the conflict has the result of removing a creature and as such, it will be resolved after the battle.
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Re: Black Tail Beluga

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